Headlights Restoration

Remember, replacements cost more than repairs.

Headlight Restoration In Van Nuys

Our shop repairs all brand models: foreign and and domestic.

Chemical substances, radiation attacks, ultraviolet rays and many other volatile compounds are the reason to cause discoloration of the cover of the headlights. Faded headlights reduces the brightness of the light and visibility of driver and cause difficulty while driving at night. In Accurate Collision Crafting we care about our costumers and do our best to provide the best service and any other possible options such as headlight restoration instead of replacement.

How do you know when you need headlight restoration?  

If you encounter with some of the following signs, please bring your car for further inspection.

Yellow color
Cloudy or dull appearance of headlights
Scratches or cracks
Poor visibility at night time



Like Surface preparation for paint, headlight restoration requires preparation. This means Headlight surface has to be clean and any surrounding area of the headlights has to be covered by tape. This protects the paints around the headlights while sanding.


Sanding removes the oxidation of headlight covers. Different rated sand papers and sanding method applies by our technicians in order to remove yellowish color of the headlights.


At this time, by polishing it is possible to bring back the shine and clean surface of the headlights which increases the night vision, safety and your vehicle’s appearance to factory condition.

Type of Service

Do you need headlight restoration?

Accurate Collision Crafting is here for you! We have the most experienced technicians in headlight restoration.

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