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Our shop repairs all brand models: foreign and and domestic.

Before you decide on getting that new paint job or restoring your paint, know what type of quality paint you are looking for.  Accurate Collision Crafting uses factory quality paint. Our paint process at minimum is about $2000 – $2500 and the job can take up to 5-7 days. 

Please keep in mind that there are additional costs for any body work that needs to be done before the paint process.

If you are looking for cheap paint services, you can consider ‘one day paint shops.’ 

If you have the budget for high quality paint and you intend to keep your car for a long time, you can consider our paint restoration services. Your car will come out looking brand-new (factory paint condition).

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Type of Service

Same Color Paint Process

Step 1 : Surface Preparation

Surface preparation of the car should be foremost step before any paint job. Any dent pulling, scratch removal, rust repair or body filler application has to be done at the very beginning before start of the preparation for painting. You’ll learn more about surface prep on this page (see below).

Step 2 : Primer

Primer is the preliminary step before applying the top coat. Like painting it is possible to apply primer with a brush or spray gun. Good bonding of paint with bare metal, increase of protection layer against humidity damages are benefits of application of primer. 

Step 3 : Paint

Painting similarly has the same process as application of primer. Before applying different layers of top coat it is very important the underneath layers to get thoroughly dry. The painting and curing time is same as primer. 

Step 4 :Finishing (Sand & Polish)

In order to remove scratches from the vehicle’s surface we use different grade sand papers. we start the process with wet sanding and continue with standard dual action dry sander. The process continues with wet sander for another time, until the surface looks like it polished already. Buffing starts with crest wool pad and then we switch to coarse honeycomb foam pad to bring the shiny look out. 

Auto Surface Preparation Process

Wash the Car

In this step it is important to clean the body of the car. This includes dry and wet process. With the help of blow gun attached to air compressor, it is possible to remove any hidden dust in corners and cracks. 

Then it is the normal wash with soapy water to wash away any grease, oil and fingerprints on the body. After washing the surface now its the time to wipe the body with wax and grease remover. Any contaminants on the surface cause further problem in masking process.

Scuffing for Adhesion

Sanding provides a rough surface and increase the adhesion of the paint. There are varieties of sanding methods such as dry and wet sand, but certain parts of the car with complex shapes have to be sanded by hand. 

Masking A Car Body

Any dirt on the surface of the body will compromise the effectiveness of the masking. Therefore it is important to make sure the surface is free of any dirt and is dry, clean and smooth. So now is the time for masking. This relate to the surface of the car that will not get painted.

Top Quality Auto Body Paint Work

If you observe any stone chips, dull color or faded color due to sun’s UV rays, you may think of a paint repair. In Accurate Collision Crafting Inc, our technician discuss 

The method of repair differs as the paint conditions varies on each car. 



We Provide a Touch of Class

When you bring your vehicle to our auto paint facility in Van Nuys, CA we’ll restore that original touch of class and elegance that you first saw just the moment you walked into the dealer’s showroom.  From the very beginning, we’ve dedicated our business to provide the highest quality collision repairs and painting and a superior level of customer service.  Our goal has always been to meet or exceed the needs of everyone and that service has been the key to our success.

Guaranteed Workmanship and More

We understand that nobody wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident that eventually brought them to our auto painting experts.  As an I-Car Gold Class shop, we feature a 24-hour claims department for filing your claim.  We also have car rentals on-site and provide FREE towing whenever it is needed. 

Most importantly, our technicians are ASE certified body paint and repair, providing estimates, and refinishing all types of vehicles.

Experience with Numerous Manufacturers

Over the years, Accurate Collision Crafting has provided our car painting services in Los Angeles to owners of all major domestic and foreign manufacturers.

We have been a trusted body shop since 1999. We understand the importance of quality work and our customers always provide us good feedback when it comes to the results of the finished product. 

We know paint works.

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Our family has more than 20 years of experience in auto repair services. We serve all over Los Angeles area including Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Reseda, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Northridge, Tarzana, Studio City, Valley Village, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills, Encino, Santa Monica, Westwood, Brentwood.