Auto Scratch Repairs

Scratches ruin aesthetics. Let’s make your car look the way it should look.

Car Scratch Repair In Van Nuys

Our shop repairs all brand models: foreign and and domestic.

Accurate Collision Crafting offers auto scratch repair in Los Angeles and surrounding area. If your original paint job has been damaged by scratches, nicks any paint chips visit our shop to bring back factory look of your vehicle in no time.

There are different reasons why your car’s paint can get damage

Automatic car wash
Bad quality paints
Harsh chemicals
Tree branch
Weather conditions

Vehicles paint has several layers. These damages might be light scratches on the surface of the paint or deep enough to reach the metal body. Relevantly deep scratches requires more time.


Auto Scratch Repair Service

Scratches not only harm aesthetic of the car but might also cause further damage to the car. No matter how small it is the scratch on your car, it is always recommended to ask professionals to do so. At Accurate Collision Crafting we offer variety of paint colors and different range of tones for auto scratch repair. At the very beginning of the job our expert technicians determine your car’s factory code, in order to match 100% the factory paint of the car.

Type of Service

Does your vehicle need scratch repair?


Our shop repairs all brand models: foreign and and domestic.

Accurate Collision Crafting is here for you! Come by our shop for minor and major scratch repair and visit our shop for a free estimate, give us a call (310) 299-2829, or fill out this form.

We are located in Los Angeles, we also serve surrounding areas.



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