Alignment and Structural Repairs

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Alignment Repairs In Van Nuys

Our shop repairs all brand models: foreign and and domestic.

 Alignment & Structural Repair of a Vehicle is a process in which the basic structural components of your vehicle are aligned with other components such as suspension components and also various body panels in the vehicle. If you hit a particularly large dreaded potholes, there is possibility of damaging your vehicle and causing it to come out of alignment. Hitting a curb or any other obstacles on the roads, going to fast over a speed bump and accident are the reasons why your car needs Alignment Repair. At Accurate Collision Crafting our technicians will be able to gauge the amount of damage to make the best repairs for the best cost!

Your car needs an alignment & structural repair when: 

  • You get a new tires for the car
    You lower or lift the car
    You’ve had a fender-bender or a hard impact with a curb or obstacles on the road
    One year after your last alignment
    Accident occurs

Alignment Repair Process 

The most common areas on your vehicle that get damaged during an auto collision are the:

Differential parts
Engine parts

Before we start the structural repair and solve the alignment
issues, our skilled technicians must first assess the amount of damage to the vehicle. Working with you, we will pick the optimal repair to get your vehicle back on the road safely without compromising on overall value for our customers.

Please Note 

If the unibody shell or chassis are bent, then the only option to straighten it is by using our frame straightening table. This unique device straightens the frame with a high-level of accuracy.

Auto Frame Straightening 

Automobiles that have been in severe accidents will need the frame straightened and aligned back into factory specifications. Our auto body shop in Los Angeles has a state of the art computerized frame machine used by certified technicians. We will get your car safely on the road again. Our body shop technicians use a precise measurement system to repair your car right the first time.

Frame Alignment | Frame Repair 

The frame of your vehicle is made up of components or parts that support your vehicle’s body and engine. If damage occurs to the inner or outer frame of your car, auto frame repair is necessary to get your vehicle back in proper working order. Frame damage can greatly affect how a vehicle handles on the road and is a serious safety consideration.

Our technicians at Accurate Collision Crafting are highly skilled in vehicle frame repairs. If you are involved in an automobile collision, give us a call and we will have your vehicle back to you in a jiffy! Our technicians are certified in a variety of vehicle makes and models and have the appropriate tools in our shop to restore your vehicle to its former beauty.

The Process of Auto Frame Repair 

When your vehicle enters our body shop area (aka the collision repair center), it is thoroughly analyzed by our skilled technicians. Our technicians will analyze the condition of the vehicle and the best (and most cost-effective) way to repair it. We offer a free estimate and this initial vehicle inspection is always free for our customers.

At Accurate Collision Crafting, we follow manufacturer’s, quality, and safety guidelines to make sure that you and your family have no worries once the vehicle is repaired. Our equipment includes hydraulic frame and panel straightening machines that can straighten out even the most complicated of bends in the frame.

Where can you find an alignment auto body repair shop?

Accurate Collision Crafting is here for you! We have the most experienced technicians in a variety of collision repairs and major damage work that requires alignment and structural repairs. Come to our shop for a free alignment estimate, give us a call (310)299-2829, or fill out this form.

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