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Common Collision Repairs In Body Shops


Owning a car comes with responsibility because at one point in time you will have to visit an auto repair shop. It doesn’t matter how cautious you are while on the road because even the safest cars or cautious drivers might find themselves in compromising situations since you can’t control other reckless drivers while on the road.

With that, our topic for this article will focus on common collision repairs.

In this regard, our body shop in van nuys offers the best services at an affordable price. We have a team of ASE certified technicians with experience who will fix your car to your satisfaction (hashtag shameless plug lol).

Well here are some of the most common collision repairs that you need to know.

So let’s get into it.

Cracked windshield

File:Cracked Windshield (5748324520).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the most common collision repairs which occurs when an object hits or falls on the screen while you are driving. You’ll likely ignore a smaller crack but at some point, the crack will spread causing the entire screen to cave in or shatter.

This can be very dangerous to you and other drivers.

Additionally, it can also compromise with the use of wipers during the rainy season which interferes with visibility. This can lead to accidents that is why it is not recommended to assume that the crack is small because the slightest impact can extend the crack.

Therefore, it is important to fix it before it is spread because it is cheaper However if you are not insured you might gather for all the replacement costs depending on the pricing for the auto repair shop.

Deep paint scratches

Deep scratch on left front wing | Tobias Toft | Flickr

This is usually caused by sharp objects that come into contact with their car when a collision occurs. These scratches can be attributed to accidents or vandalism. When this occurs it leaves your car in a messy state which loses its beauty. The good news is that there lots of DIY remedies that can help you fix the deep paint scratch.

However, it is not the best option because your car will look like a do it yourself project since you don’t have the expertise and tools to fix it. Therefore, it is important to consider hiring collision repair service (like Accurate Collision Crafting) because their technicians are well versed with repairs and buffing of the scratch area irrespective of the severity of the situations.

Some deep scratches might require you to replace the most affected parts. This makes your car look elegant and admirable.


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Having a dent in your car is quite annoying. Some dents are caused by unprecedented incidents. For instance, you might park your car then a tree branch falls on it leaving a dent on the body. This makes it one of the most common collision repairs that can affect the look and the value of your car.

Some are shallow while others deep depending on the extent of the damage. These dents might attract some problems such as the occurrence of rust on your car surface which might be costly to fix.

Therefore if a part such as bumper dented then the repair can be quite challenging. That is why the technicians might advise you to replace it because it is one of the most important parts of your car. It is connected with some other complex systems such as cameras, airbags, warning systems, and lighting. Deep cracks should be covered using a filler before it is painted.

Rear-end damage

car wheel workshop vehicle broken auto bumper police accident damage emergency auto tires auto accident total damage sport utility vehicle traffic accident vehicle accident automobile make automotive exterior subcompact car

Rear-end damage is one of the most common collision repairs that occur frequently. You might incur repair costs when the damages are adverse. The rear damages might affect the bumper and the entire rear system depending on the intensity of impact.

Such collision is usually caused by drivers who end up losing attention while on the road due to bad weather or if something unexpected occurs. The severity of rear damage will determine if you do a full replacement or will just fix this damages. Some auto repair shops can be in a position to remodel depending on the extent of the damage.

However, when serious accidents occur you might have to replace the damaged parts. If you are insured the replacement company will intervene to ensure your car is fixed appropriately at a reasonable cost.

Suspension system

File:Independent rear suspension AWD.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This is another common collision car repair that occurs frequently. A damaged suspension system will force you to visit an auto repair shop to fix it. If you’re driving on the road under bad weather then it is unlikely that you will sport a giant pothole and you might end up hitting it leading to severe damages on the suspension system. Such collisions are dangerous and expensive to repair.

The suspension system absorbs a reasonable amount of shock but when it exceeds certain frequency it might get damaged hence predisposing other parts of your car to damages. Therefore, if your car is fully insured it will be covered under a collision insurance claim.

However, if you have not taken a collisions insurance claim that you will have to pay for the repair cost depending on the auto repair shop.


The collision repairs that I have listed in this article are most common and they required to be fixed immediately before it compromises with the overall functionality of the car. Accurate Collision body shop in  Van Nuys is the most trusted and competent car repair which offers high-quality services to restore the car to its optimal value after an accident.

If your car has experience of adverse damages then you can always count on them because they will do the best and if possible replace some of the most affected parts. We also have highly trained staff who are customer friendly

Additionally, we handle insurance claim so you don’t have to.

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