Bumper Repair

Bumpers are essential to your car. No one wants a damaged bumper.

Bumper Repair In Van Nuys

Our shop repairs all brand models: foreign and and domestic.

It is possible to say the safety of passengers is the primary objective of the bumpers. Bumpers are the very first part of the vehicle which usually absorb the hit in a collision. Based on absorption of impact, damages on bumpers might be in minor or major level. Therefore accurate repair of bumpers not only brings back the original look of the vehicle, but also it has a vital role in safety of car driver and passengers.


In this step it is important to evaluate the level of damages on the bumper. In case of minor injury any damages such as scrapes, nicked, dents, scuffs, cracks hopefully are repairable. However if the bumper imposed to extreme damage, we recommend to change the entire bumper itself.


Any damages on front or rear bumper has the same technique, Each damage has different repair method. For example any scuff on bumper possibly will be removed by light repair and paint. But in other cases damages might not limited only to exterior part of the bumper but also the reinforcement bar. The reinforcement bar strengthen the entire bumper and it is highly recommended to take in consideration during inspection as it has to withstand any further impacts.


At the very final step of the work, here it comes the painting of the bumper. This should either be spot painting for small damages or requires painting of whole bumper. in most cases for better finishing of the job it is recommended to have full panel paint.


Primer is the preliminary step before applying the top coat. Like painting it is possible to apply primer with a brush or spray gun. Good bonding of paint with bare metal, increase of protection layer against humidity damages are benefits of application of primer.

Finishing (Sand & Buff) 

No matter how good is the final clear coat, but there will be always some undesirable texture. So In order to bring the perfect flat surface and desirable shine of the vehicle back, it is the process of sanding and buffing receptively.

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Testimonial From A Satisfied Customer

Highly recommend! Professional work and decent customer service.

My car’s front bumper was damaged so I took my car to this body shop in order to replace the bumper. They carefully explained all the possible options and the rough estimates for them. I found them very polite and helpful. They ended up fixing and painting my bumper and returned the car in a great condition, which came out much cheaper than the replacement option I originally had in mind. Would definitely take my car to this body shop again!!

– Salar A.



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