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Car Wrapping or Car Painting?

Do you want a new look for your car? There are two ways to do that, either paint your car or go for a car wrap.

A car wrap is a new way to change your car appearance. First, you need to understand the difference between car painting and car wrapping. Only then you can decide which one is right for you.

In this article, we are going to share the pros and cons of each. So, you can decide which one will be suitable for your vehicle in your situation.

Why do you need a car wrap or car painting?

Generally, you should go for a vinyl wrap or a painting because it looks worn out. Your car may have scratches or spots that need to be covered. You may also choose to change how it appears.

Sometimes we grow bored with looking at the same texture and color over time. Going for change makes us feel better. The car looks more interesting after a makeover.

Since you spend a lot of time in your car, it is natural that you will want it to look good in front of people. Some people may use the car surface for advertisement, or to express uniqueness and creativity.

Nowadays, there are many creative designs available for car surfaces. Hence, you will be intrigued to get a new look for your vehicle often.

What is a car wrap?

Not too long ago, touch up coats were used to enhance car appearance. But now a vinyl wrap or car wrap is used to change the way it looks.

If you apply the wrap, a thin layer of vinyl is used to cover your car surface and make it look brand new. The wrapping layer is fixed with adhesive.

The process is artistic and needs creativity. A simple mistake can ruin the entire work of placing the vinyl layer.

A similar idea was used to protect the car bumper and the surface below the car. The same concept is developed and applied to the entire car to make its outer surface shiny to people.

Car wrapping is getting popular everywhere. It has gained attention in Asia, Europe, the US, etc. If you want to go for car wrapping, you can contact the auto body shop.

Benefits of Car Wrap Price

Car wrapping costs much less than car paint. Hence it is a popular choice for sports cars.

They are vulnerable to scratches and surface damages and need a makeover often. Additionally, sports cars are often sponsored by companies.

They would like to advertise their brand with a vinyl wrap. Sponsored companies change from time to time. So, car wraps fit in perfectly with the needs of sports cars.

It needs less time

If you want to paint your car, it will take around a week or two to complete a high-quality painting. But car wrapping can be done within a few days.

Most people spend more time selecting the design of the wrap, rather than the time needed to finish it. If you are looking for a faster makeover of your car, this is what you should choose.


When you custom paints a car, it can fade away with time. The UV light from the sun affects the paint and makes it wither away.

The same is not true for the vinyl wrap. It is laminated so the UV light is cannot affect it like paint.

The vinyl layer is thick and is less likely to get scratched and chipped like paint. If you paint your car, you need regular waxing to keep it up to the mark. But with a car wrap, you can easily clean the surface with soap water.

Usually car wraps can last about 3-5 years before it needs to be replaced.


Interesting designs

One of the best parts about the vinyl cover is the graphics design. There is no limit to how many designs are possible with wrapping. But with painting, there are limited options for you to choose from.

Lots of options

Along with diverse car designs, there are many varieties to select for the finishing. Do you want it matt or glossy or satin finish for your car?

There is more, you can choose your car to look like particular material steel, chrome, carbon fiber, you name it. You can even apply a wrap that will change color depending on the angle of light that falls on it.


If you are someone who likes to change the color of your car often, then the vinyl wrap is the right choice for you. You can easily remove the layer and try something new, which is appealing to you.

Custom paint work on the car

There is nothing new to tell about car painting. You are probably aware of what car painting is?

Still, just for the record, it is painting the car to cover damages, scratches, and chipping on the car. Painting can be done to cover uneven surfaces.

Benefits of car paint

So, we know that car wraps have so many benefits. Does that mean that we don’t need to paint a car anymore? Not really, you see like we said auto body and paint shop includes fixing damages, chippings, and scratches.

A vinyl layer can only be placed if the layer below is smooth. No matter how expensive the wrap is, it can never be placed on uneven and rough surfaces.

In order to do that you need the car painted properly. The vinyl layer is fixed on the paint of the car, which is smooth. If the surface below is corroded anyhow, it will be difficult to place the car wrap as well as remove it.

When you try to remove the layer it may damage the car surface further. Hence, you need to paint your car and make sure the surface is right for the application of a car wrap.

Additionally, if only a part of your car paint has chipped off, like one of the doors, you don’t need a car wrap. In this case, car painting is more effective and cheap to maintain the looks of your car.

Final words

As you can see, a car wrap is a new trend for changing your car appearance. But that does not mean you don’t need to paint your car.

Vinyl wraps give you more options if you maintain your car well. Depending on your situation, you can select any one of the procedures.

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