Automotive Parts

We have the parts you need for auto repairs. 

Automotive Parts For Your Repairs

Automotive parts can be a big aspect of the auto damage estimate. However this depends on your car’s make and model. Some parts need to be special orders, while some are ready for pick up or delivery. Prices range from the type of part you or your insurance company wants. At Accurate Collision Crafting, we offer multiple types of automotive parts: 

  • Aftermarket (Reproduction Parts). Like original parts, aftermarket products fit perfectly on the car.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These parts made directly by the car manufacturer. 
  • Salvage Parts
  • Repaired (Reconditioned Parts)
  • NOS (New-Old-Stock). It refers to the parts which produced long ago by automotive manufacturer, or by an outside supplier.
  • Used

Type of Service

 Parts Cost

Automotive parts have a big aspects on vehicle damage estimation. Sometimes while repairing the car, It is highly recommended by our technicians to replace a part instead of repairing it. Therefore it’s our costumer’s choice either to choose the original manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts for cheaper selection

Other Miscellaneous Items Included in an Auto Repair Estimate

  • Storage
  • Car Rental
  • Paint Materials
  • Towing
  • EPA/Waste Disposal/Taxes

Want to upgrade your car

Do you need to change some automotive parts on your car or you decided to upgrade your car.

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